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Susan Black is a minor character in Divergent. She is also the sister of Robert Black and is in Abnegation.



Susan was a minor character in Divergent. It is shown that she and Caleb have a minor crush on each other. She stayed in Abnegation, however, her ultimate fate is unknown at the end of the book.


Susan appears in Insurgent, where it is revealed that she chose to remain in Abnegation and survived the events at the end of Divergent. She goes to Amity with several other characters and helps them. Later, her relationship with Caleb is developed further. She then rejoins the rest of Abnegation. Susan also helps the remaining Abnegation, and stays with the Factionless instead of going onto Candor.


She appears briefly, talking to Robert. Robert is Susan's brother.

Physical Appearance[]

Susan Black has blonde hair and a mole right above her left eyebrow. She has a square jaw. She is said to resemble Tris.


Robert Black is Susan's brother who was raised in Abnegation , but later switched to Amity, as he was seen on the Amity trucks later in Divergent. At the near beginning if the book, divergent,Robert and Tris Prior exchange glances when Caleb Prior flirts with Susan in an Abnegation way