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Template:Stub Template:Character Lauren was a Dauntless member and instructor alongside Four. She greeted Tris along with Four to Dauntless upon landing on the net below the faction headquarters. She was assigned to the Dauntless-born initiates while Four taught the transfers. When training Tris' initiation class in stage 2, her fear landscape was used. During this part of training, Tris developed a fear of kidnapping after experiencing it in Lauren's fear landscape.

Physical Appearance[]

Lauren was described by Tris as having dark hair and a pierced eyebrow when she first met her in Dauntless headquarters the day of the Choosing Ceremony. Later in Insurgent, it is mentioned that she also has a lip piercing as well and that her ear is pierced from top to bottom. 


Justine Wachsberger is set to appear in the Divergent film adaptation as Dauntless-born initiate instructor, Lauren.