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Jack Kang is the representative of Candor, the faction of honesty.


He briefly housed members of the Dauntless faction, who were not allied with the Erudite. He arranged for a meeting with Erudite and one of the corrupt Dauntless leaders, Max, was sent by Jeanine Matthews to give Candor their terms, endangering the safety of the Divergent. Lynn, Uriah, Shauna, Four and Tris witness their meeting, Lynn shoots Max in the chest. The five run back to Candor headquarters and organize a meeting for the Dauntless. The Dauntless decide to give Eric a short trial for crimes against his faction which ended in him being executed by Four. The Dauntless members abandon Candor headquarters to go back to their own headquarters. It is unknown whether Jack was placed under simulation or not during the battle.


In Insurgent, Jack Kang will be portrayed by Daniel Dae Kim.