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Template:Stub Template:CharacterFernando was among the Erudite members who defected from their faction, and sought a safe haven at the Amity headquarters.


Fernando met Caleb Prior, Tris Prior's brother, during their initiation classes, saying that he was brilliant but a suck-up to Jeanine Matthews and believed everything she said.


Tris Prior and Christina hold a meeting with Erudite members. He shows them prototype gadgets they can use for the attack, and Cara uses the stunner on him to demonstrate. He later coins the term Insurgent for Tris, saying he enjoys categorization.

Later, he is called "Nando" by Christina, and he responds to it with a smile, saying that although Erudite do not like nicknames, he would take it from a pretty girl. Instead of flattery, Christina instead feels insulted, feeling it is too soon to be flirted with after Will died.


When Tris, Christina, Cara, Marcus and Fernando were climbing into the building of the Erudite's headquarters in Insurgent, Fernando was the last to go across the ladder which connected the two buildings so there was no-one holding the ladder from his side. Therefore he moved awkwardly and slowly, however when his spectacles fell out of his pocket halfway across, the simulation-controlled Candor below fired upward and hit his leg. Fernando collapses against the ladder. Christina tries to reach for him but he stops her, telling them to leave him and go on with their mission. It is implied that he is killed by the Candor gunfire.


Fernado has a charming and intelligent personality. He has a good sense humour and is respectful of others. He is brave and quite selfless. When shot halfway across the ladder, he told the others to go on with out him.