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David enters the series in Allegiant and is the central antagonist of the book. He is the leader of the Bureau of Genetic Welfare.


David is head of the Bureau of Genetic Welfare and is in charge of the GD experiments. He met Natalie Wright and became friends with her after she was rescued from the fringe as a young girl.

However, unknown to her, he loved her. When Natalie was placed in the Chicago experiment, he maintained correspondence with her via her journal. When she chooses to move to Abnegation with Andrew Prior and settle down with him, he stops correspondence with her due to his jealousy. He does not send any help to the city when she is in danger as a result of which she dies.

When Tris, Four, Uriah, Peter, Caleb and Christina come to the Bureau, he meets them and informs them of the experiment and their purpose. He then tells Tris that he knew her mother. Tris believes him, however, she does not trust him. At one point, she even uses him as a shield, though he appreciates the facts that she is willing to sacrifice him for the greater good. Although at that time she also saved him after he was shot multiple times. He then offers her a the position of a board member in training (of the Bureau of Genetic Welfare), which she accepts.

During their time at the Bureau, back in the city, the factionless, led by Evelyn and the Allegiant, led by Marcus and Johanna are starting a war. David and his colleagues are concerned about the major loss of good genetic material that could come from it and decide to reset the memories of those in the Chicago experiment by releasing the Abnegation's memory serum into the air.

After Tris learns of the plan, she, along with Tobias, Caleb, Cara, Christina, Peter, Nita, and Matthew, come up with their own plan to save the city. Which is to stop the memory serum from being released into the city but into the Bureau compound instead so that the only the leaders of the Bureau would be affected.

When Tris takes Caleb's place and breaks into the Weapons Lab, she inexplicably survives the death serum. But when she reaches the Weapons Lab, David is there with a loaded gun. David was able to go through the death serum due to the inoculation that only he had. While trying to disable the memory serum, Tris is shot in the neck by David, after he reveals that he loved Tris' mother. Tris manages to disable the serum, but she dies right afterward. David's memory is erased along with the other leaders', therefore he has no memory of killing Tris.