Divergente Wiki

Crystal grew up in Candor for 16 years. She always belived that telling the truth all the time was too hard for her. She decided that she had to make a different choice. Something other than Candor


She has Carmel skin and flowing brown hair down her back. She has 4 piercings on her right ear. She also have red highlights in her hair. She is really tall and slender


She transferred from Candor in the same initiation class as Tris. She also became in a relationship with Aaron another transfer from last year.


She was Divergent so she was never under the simulation. She found Arron after the simulation was destroyed. They stayed in the Candor HQ until the attack when they left into the factionless territory.


She left Chicago with Aaron and went beyond the fence.She later found out she was GP and was hated for people thought she mistreated GD even though Aaron was also GD